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Why Choose Vivint To Protect Your Canadian Home?



At Vivint we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and that means having technicians that live where you live! We can service your account 365 days a year, whenever needed!



At Vivint we are constantly evolving and that means you get the best possible products for your home! We have been awarded the Consumers Digest “Best Buy” in the Smart Home Category to prove it.



Our Vivint system has many safeguards in place to make sure that only the highest quality of security equipment will be installed in your home. You can have 100% confidence that you family is safe 24 hours a day.

Why Choose Vivint Over The Competitors? The Difference Is In How We Protect You!

Temperature Monitoring: Vivint’s temperature monitoring system will alert you if your furnace stops in the dead of winter and can stop disasters like your pipes freezing!
24/7 Security Monitoring: At Vivint we are dedicated to providing world class 24 hour protection for your property and loved ones. We will dispatch the appropriate authorities immediately if help is needed.
Flood Monitoring: There is nothing more frustrating than finding your basement flooded! With Vivint’s flood monitoring we will be able to notify you 24 hours a day before there is a huge issue, saving you thousands of dollars!

24 Hour Fire Protection: As a home owner there is nothing more frightening than a house fire. This is especially true when your loved ones are in the home. With Vivint’s 24 Hour Fire Protection, we will save your house and your loved ones!
Carbon Monoxide Protection: We now offer 24 Hour Carbon Monoxide Protection to keep your family safe from a silent and deadly killer. You can now rest easy!
Medical Panic Monitoring: Seniors and loved ones can now be protected 24 Hours a day from serious medical emergencies. With just a push of a button medical emergency crews can be sent to your house to help with any issue that may arise!

SkyControl Panel


With our award winning SkyControl Panel as the centre of your smart home system you will be able to integrate and track essential parts of your home. These include: Energy Consumption, Local Weather, Security System, Door Lock and much more!


Made by industry leader Kwikset, Vivint’s automatic door looks not only look great, but you can control them anywhere in the world that you have cell service or a wifi connection. Let the kids in from school or lock up the house after you have left!

Kwickset Silver Door Lock

Vivint Thermostat


Everybody wants to save money on energy, right? With our new energy management thermostat you will now be able to monitor and control the energy consumption in your home from anywhere in the world. Saving money is a real possibility! To learn how you begin saving money on your monthly bill, give us a call and our trained call centre staff will explain the details.


With Vivint’s indoor cameras you can now check in on the things that matter most! Whether you have a babysitter for the night or you want to make sure your cleaning lady has arrived, these cameras can help!

Vivint Indoor Camera

Choose The Package That’s The Best Fit For You:

Touchscreen Control Panel

Door and Window Sensors

Motion Detector

 Fire Protection

 Glass Break Sensor

 Flood Sensor

Indoor Camera

Automatic Door Lock


Doorbell Camera

Outdoor Camera

Garage Door Controller

Indoor Camera

Automatic Door Lock


Doorbell Camera

Outdoor Camera

Garage Door Controller

Space Monkey (Cloud Storage)


 Here’s What Happens When You Call:

1. Professional Consultation:

Our trained professionals will walk you through your home making sure all the areas of most concern are protected. This will give you the utmost confidence in your smart home protection. Don’t be shy either, this is your time to ask questions!

2. Customizing Your Package:

Vivint offers a wide variety of packages that suit all budgets. At this point we will begin to piece together exactly what package suits your needs. The packages are very customizable so we will be able to make almost anything work for you.

3. Setting An Install Date:

The hard work is done! At this point the only thing left is setting up an installation date that works for you. We are extremely flexible and we will make almost anything work. In some markets next day^ installations are available. Call for more information!

 ^Next day installation in only available in select markets. Please call for more details.

What To Expect During Installation

Vivint Ownership Benefits

Discount Badge
Insurance Savings

Home insurance companies love security systems. It means you are less likely to file a claim in the future. For that reason they will typically give discounts from 5%-10%. But some offer as high as a 20% monthly discount.

Energy Savings Badge
Energy Savings

Everybody wants to save money on their monthly energy bills! With the Vivint energy management thermostat you now have the ability to monitor and adjust your consumption from anywhere.

World Badge
Control From Anywhere

With the award winning SkyControl system installed in your home it gives you the ability to control your home from any wifi or cellular connection. This includes smart phones, tablets and computers!


Crime Stats You Should Know:


Did you know in North America a break in occurs every 14 seconds?

Statistic is from FBI Uniform Crime Report of 2011.


According to Simon Hakim from Temple University you are 3 times less likely to have a break in with a Monitored System in your home.

Simon Hakim study from Temple University 2006.

Did you know?

The average cost of a residential break in is an astounding $2185! By having a monitored home security system you greatly reduce your chances of facing this issue. Call now to book an installation!

Statistic is from FBI Uniform Crime Report of 2009.



Home Security Systems

Security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to homeownership, and making sure that your possessions, property, and loved ones are secure against intrusion is of vital concern. Vivint home security systems are designed to monitor your doors and windows for intrusion and immediately send out an alert to your mobile device and Vivint monitoring station if a break in is detected.

Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms wired to sensors may be the most dramatic component of a home security system, but you shouldn’t neglect other threats. Vivint alarm monitoring is also available for fire and smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and even personal emergencies via a specialized ‘panic pendant’ perfect for high-risk individuals who need a way to summon help in case of a fall or other emergency. With your motion detector and door/window sensors your home will be protected from intrusion as well as disaster, and you will always have 24/7 coverage thanks to Vivint emergency response and monitoring staff.

Video Surveillance

Digital cameras are stronger and smaller than ever before, and with Vivint you can always keep in touch with your home and family via internal and external video surveillance for your home. You’ll be able to set up your system to provide immediate, on-demand video of your living room or the main hall of your home, so you can see when the kids get home and make sure they are doing their homework, or install a baby-cam to check and make sure your new child is sleeping soundly.

Smart Home Automation

Home automation systems from Vivint bring your home into the 21st system. By wiring and connecting all your security and alarm systems as well as other devices like home entertainment systems, hot water heaters, air conditioning, and other equipment you’ll be able to collect more information and claim more control over your home than you ever imagined. Use wireless internal controls as well as internet connected devices to raise or lower your home’s smart thermostat, schedule internal and external lighting, budget appliances and energy usage, schedule entertainment systems (so your kids have to do their homework first), and make sure the doors get locked after the kids leave—even if you’re already at work. Vivint Sky makes your home, and your life, better.

∗60 month monitoring agreement (48 months in AR, WI, or CA total fees from $2,591.52) at minimum $53.99/month. Up to $198 activation fee may apply, home ownership, and satisfactory credit history required. Taxes and permit fees may apply. Services not available in all areas. Offer valid for new customers only. Package includes 7" touchscreen Vivint Sky panel and 7 points of customizable security equipment. Additional equipment may be added for a fee and larger packages are available. Speak to a representative for complete equipment and package details and pricing. Services not available in all areas. Services in Louisiana performed by Vivint Louisiana Commercial Certificate #58280. See Vivint license numbers here.​

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